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Presenting ‘Tell Me Inge…’

Tell me, Inge…

Tell me, Inge…

(Originally published on the WJC website)

In a time of increased challenges to the historical record and the true facts, it is important to capture the testimonies of eyewitnesses and make them accessible to wider audiences.

Meta and StoryFile, in partnership with UNESCO, the World Jewish Congress and the Claims Conference, developed “Tell me, Inge…”, an interactive and immersive education experience about the Holocaust revolving around memories of Inge Auerbacher, who survived the Theresienstadt Ghetto as a 7-year-old girl. To bring her testimony to life, the production uses mixed reality (XR) technology, which combines conversational artificial intelligence (AI) and virtual reality (VR). It recognizes users’ speech and imitates a real-life interaction, allowing viewers to ask questions and listen to Inge’s answers, accompanied by 360° multidimensional animated illustrations.

To accurately represent Inge’s story, the production team worked closely with Holocaust experts and oral historians. Through this project, users can learn more about Inge’s childhood memories, her survival during the Shoah, and her profound reflections on this experience in adulthood.

The UN Human Rights Council traces its origins back to the Second World War and the horrors of the Holocaust. As the UN human rights hub, this presentation appealed to diplomats, UN officials, journalists and civil society and explored ways in which new technologies can be used to advance remembrance, education and research.

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