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Shaping a Sustainable Future: The Role of Standards and Policy in Ethical AI Development

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Join us on an exploration of the pivotal role of standards and policy in guiding AI and human-machine teaming toward a sustainable and dignified future. Our esteemed speakers will shed light on how adherence to these frameworks mitigates technology misuse, safeguarding human rights, and nurturing compassion. Gain invaluable insights into how AI can drive positive change, fostering inclusivity and upholding human and planetary flourishing. Together we can shape a future where ethical AI development leads the way to a more sustainable, prosperous society.


  • Olivier Alais, Program Coordinator – Digital Rights & Access, ITU
  • Yuchang Cheng, FUJITSU Limited. AI Trust Research Centre, ISO
  • Fumi Maruyama, Senior Invited Researcher, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, Japan
  • Ali Hessami, VC & Process Architect, IEEE Ethics Certification Programme for Autonomous & Intelligent Systems, UK
  • Angelo Ferraro, University of South Carolina and Chair of Columbia IEEE section
    Moderator: Lubna Dajani, CEO, Allternet Ltd. Catalyst 2030 USA Chapter Co-Chair
    Co-sponsored by: Angelo Ferraro

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