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The Interplay Between Human Rights and Technology

The Interplay Between Human Rights and Technology

(Originally published on the ITU website)

To celebrated the Human Rights Day, annually on 10 December, we invited the leading experts within the field of human rights in cyberspace during our Episode 39: “The Interplay Between Human Rights and Technology” and explored the complex relationship between human rights and the digital realm.

Last February, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Volker Türk, emphasized the necessity of incorporating human rights into technical standards during a high-level meeting at the World Standards Cooperation (WSC). Moreover, several Human Rights Council and UN General Assembly resolutions address human rights and digital technology issues and the development of the “UN Secretary-General’s Guidance on Human Rights Due Diligence for Digital Technology Use” is currently underway.

Our discussion tackled essential questions, including safeguarding privacy, data protection, the impact of emerging technologies on our rights, and the crucial role of technical standardization.

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